E Z Pantry's Special Services

Pre-Paid Account Program
Our Pre-Paid Account is simple and convenient to use, allowing you to receive your orders without paying for them at the time of delivery. To take advantage of this program, send a check or money order for a minimum of $200 dollars or more. (We suggest about one month's worth of groceries.) Once your account is opened, you may place an order for the balance in your account. When the driver arrives, you just open the door and let him in!! No payment to deal with since your order will be pre-paid. Then send additional money whenever needed to replenish the account.

This is a wonderful option for individuals with a care-giver in the home. There is no money exchanged at the time of delivery, and a statement of all activity is sent out each month. Please call our office for further information.


School Account Program
We've been delivering for years now to "Home Economics" and "Family and Consumer Science" classes taught at our local schools. By using our service, you can place the order by phone, schedule your delivery, and the driver will carry everything directly to the classroom regardless of how big it is! We'll even bill you with a statement against your purchase order at the end of each month.

Many of you teach several classes, so your orders can be quite large. Instead of doing all that shopping, often on your own time, let us do the work for you. Please call our office for further information.


Here's a list of some of the schools who have used our service for their classes:

  1. Carusi Middle School

    Cherry Hill, NJ

  2. Cherokee High School North

    Marlton, NJ

  3. Cherokee High School South

    Marlton, NJ

  4. Maple Shade High School

    Maple Shade, NJ

  5. Moorestown High School

    Moorestown, NJ

  6. Moorestown Middle School

    Moorestown, NJ

  7. Moorestown Upper Elementary

    Moorestown, NJ

  8. Pitman High School

    Pitman, NJ

  9. Shawnee High School

    Medford, NJ

  10. Cinnaminson High School

    Cinnaminson, NJ

  11. Seneca High School

    Tabernacle, NJ