E Z Pantry FAQ

Q: How does the service work?

A: Call 856-767-0555 to place an order. Your groceries will be checked, bagged, and delivered to your kitchen on your scheduled delivery day. When the driver arrives at your home, he will carry the order inside and pick up your payment for the groceries. We accept cash and personal checks. It's that easy!


Q: What can I order from E Z Pantry?

A: Everything! Things like meat, produce, deli, bread, frozen foods, health and beauty aids, laundry detergent, and pet stuff are all available for delivery. You'll find a complete listing of over 9000 items in the E Z PANTRY Catalog, including name brands and a less expensive "private label".


Q: How can I get a Catalog?

A: When you call and place your first order, we'll send a complimentary catalog in your bag. Of course, you don't need a catalog to place your first order, but if you really want to see it, you can Click Here to Download our catalog.


Q: Why aren't the prices listed in the catalog?

A:The prices aren't listed because they change quite often and the catalog is only printed about once a year. If they were included, then a price might be 6 months old and inaccurate when you look in the book. We always tell you the current prices right over the phone and upon delivery, the driver will also give you an itemized receipt with the amounts clearly listed for you to see.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is a processing fee added to each delivery as noted below and that's it. No membership fee or contract to sign. When you think about how long it takes to drive to the store, do your shopping, bring it back home, and carry it all inside, isn't your time worth more than our low processing fee?


Q: When will I get my groceries?

A: Your order will arrive on your scheduled delivery day as noted below. Just place your order by 3 PM at least one day before you want it delivered. Expect the driver between 11 AM and 5 PM or if you prefer, call our office in the morning to get a 2 hour time frame so you don't have to wait all day. Please order EARLY and in advance if severe weather is expected.


Q: What is the minimum I have to spend?

A: Your total must be at least $50 dollars, before the processing fee. You don't have to call us every week; with a little bit of planning you can shop once a month or every other week. Remember that the entire order is brought inside for you, so large and heavy bags won't be a problem when you shop with E Z Pantry!


Q: What if I'm not happy?

A: We guarantee you will be. If you ever receive an item that you're not 100% satisfied with, all you have to do is let us know. We'll exchange that item, refund your money, or credit your account, no questions asked!


Q: Should I tip the driver?

A: Please remember, that your groceries are carried all the way to your kitchen counter, so please consider our driver's efforts. Tips are graciously accepted and can be included in your check.



Helpful Hints

Don't wait until the last minute to place your order!!
It's Monday and you need some groceries this week. Snow is expected on Thursday but you wait until Wednesday to place an order. That's when the nice girl at the office says, "I'm sorry, but we're all booked up." Avoid this situation by calling early. We also accept reservations. We'll gladly take your order up to two weeks in advance!! You can always add items to the order before the 3 PM deadline.


Schedule delivery on a day when you know you'll be home
You were sure you'd be back home before lunch, but traffic was heavy and the doctor's office was jammed!! Now you've missed the driver by only 15 minutes, and incurred a re-delivery fee of $10. Oops!! To keep this from happening be sure to schedule your delivery on a day when you know you will be home.


Call to find out your delivery time
You are expecting the driver between 11 and 5 today. It is a beautiful afternoon, and the dog really wants to go for a walk. You don't want to miss the driver, but waiting around doesn't sound like much fun. What can you do? Call the office! We post a route schedule every morning after 9 AM so you can plan accordingly.


Remember the 3 PM deadline
You placed an order this morning for a delivery tomorrow. It's 3:45 PM when you get a craving for Breyer's Chocolate ice cream. You start dialing to make an addition when you remember there is a 3 PM deadline for next day deliveries. It's too late. Oh well, you really didn't need the ice cream anyway. The bathroom scale is grateful for deadlines.


Be prepared for the driver
The driver is there, your groceries are there, but your checkbook is nowhere to be found. AAghhh!!! Finally you remember where it is, but in the rush forget to include a tip for the driver. Next time be prepared. Have a check and your coupons ready. Write the date and "E Z Pantry", so you just fill in the amount and sign it. Your delivery should not be a mad dash.


Remember the customers after you
The E Z Pantry driver is always so nice, he won't mind checking a few items you might return if the sodium content is too high. You'll try not to keep him too long, it is only 9 things. Hold it!! Other customers are waiting!! Please keep us on schedule by helping the driver move on to his next delivery. Call the office for any questions or exchanges you may have.


Have smaller bills when paying cash
The total of your order comes to $142.99 and you take out two $100 dollar bills. The driver looks at them and says "Uh-oh". Remember, for the safety of our drivers they carry only a small amount of change. Take this into consideration if you're paying with cash. Large bills will often present a challenge.


Thank goodness for a substitute
You're down to the end of your last roll of Charmin toilet paper, and there is company coming for dinner. The driver arrives and says "Charmin was sold out", (you panic!!!), "so we brought you Northern instead. Would you like to keep it?" Whew!! Thank goodness for substitutions!! The ONLY time we ever substitute an item is if the exact item you ordered was not available. Just like at the local supermarket, the shelf is sometimes empty. Our policy is to send you something rather than nothing, giving you the option to accept or decline it. Substituted items will be marked on your invoice, so check it out when the driver gets there. Anything you do not want can be returned on the spot and the amount deducted from the total. We try to send things that make sense, a smaller size, or different brand, but in the end it's up to you if you keep it.